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Back in August the government had announced it would ban all grizzly hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest but, in a puzzling move, they were going to "still" allow food-only grizzly hunts elsewhere.Keeping the food-only hunt puzzled most - previously the food-only hunt was virtually non-existent.

We'll start (and spend a few days) in the Yukon's Kluane National Park photographing the fall rut of beautiful white Dall Sheep.

I'll be offline until the week beginning December 4. You know...doing some very necessary stuff that helps pay the bills!

So...until then - why not spend some time AWAY from your computer - maybe get out into the great outdoors (preferably shooting some great images! ;-) When I resurface on or about December 4 I WILL get back to "freshening up" this blog and website. I have not forgotten that a certain blog entry on the ISO performance of the D850 is a little past due! Brad Just a quick FYI that my D800e has now sold and the only used camera body (plus battery grip) I now have for sale is a Nikon D750.

I typically had Lightroom build standard previews upon image import (to speed that process) but all that really did was delay the inevitable and slow down my image culling when I tried to view and/or compare images at 1:1 (as I waited for Lightroom to build 1:1 previews).

Anyway..users of the new Lightroom Classic AND who shoot with the "latest" Nikon and Canon cameras you can cut this preview-building time to almost zero (really! All you have to do is tell Lightroom to use "Embedded & Sidecar" previews when importing your files (you specify this in the File Handling portion of the Import dialog box).

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